Boat Registration


Courthouse Renovation

As of February 15, the County Clerk’s office will not be selling hunting/fishing licenses or processing any boat registrations or renewals during the 5-6-month renovation of the courthouse. 

Hunting/fishing licenses are available at Dave’s Guns, 201 N. Buckeye, Abilene 785-479-1162, or Gordon's Guns 201 W Trapp, Herington (closed Wed and Sun) 785-366-6064. West Country Mart  1900 N Buckeye   785-263-2285.  They do not do any boat registrations or renewals.  Any boat registrations/renewals will need to be done through   Kansas Wildlife & Parks in Pratt either by phone (620-672-5911) or on-line at

Boat Registration

All boats powered by - gasoline, diesel, electric, or sail, must be registered and numbered. Sailboards and personal watercraft are considered boats.

Non-residents using motorboats and sailing boats that are properly registered in another state may use their boats for up to 60 consecutive days without registering their boats in Kansas. Both in-state and out-of-state boats must have their Certificate of Number on board at all times. Boats that are required to be registered must be properly registered before they are operated.

  • Cost for new boat registration is $42.50
  • Boat Duplicates $ 2.50

Information Required to Register Your Boat

  • Bill of sale (if purchased from an individual)
  • ** A Statement of fact can be filled out at the office if you do not have a bill of sale **
  • Proof of sales tax paid (if purchased from a dealer)
  • Hull Identification number on all boats built in 1972 or later
  • Registration numbers from boat - KA number (if boat was previously registered)


Renewals can be done at our office for a fee of $42.50.