Property Taxes

  1. Tax Collection
  2. Real Estate Taxes
  3. Personal Property Taxes

Tax bills are mailed out mid-November. The first half is due by December 20. If the first half is not paid by that date, it begins to accrue interest. If the first half is paid by December 20, the last half will be due by May 10 of the following year. There is not a notice for the second half mailed out. 

  1. Intangible Taxes
  2. Mortgage Comp. Payments
  3. Delinquent Taxes
  4. Payment Methods

The intangible tax is a tax on interest and dividends that is filed with your Kansas Income Tax, Form 200. The information is forwarded to the County for taxing purposes. Dickinson County has a .75% rate, while cities and townships can have an additional rate of up to 2.25%.

Some cities and townships do not tax intangibles, while some have the maximum rate. The intangible tax is considered personal property tax for governing statutes.