Apologies From A Police Officer


I am sorry I had to work late. I'm sorry that I had a last minute call and couldn't make it there in time for the special event. I'm sorry that I can't make my area free of problems so I could get time off easier.

I'm sorry that I cannot solve your crime in an hour. I'm sorry the department hasn't issued me a hand held finger-print reader like on CSI. I'm sorry that the crime lab is backed up and I have to wait.

I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner and prevent you from trying to do what you saw done on TV so the evidence was ruined.

I'm sorry I didn't get there faster.

I'm sorry there was another priority emergency in the area that needed my attention faster. I'm sorry you felt you had to file a complaint that took my time. I'm sorry you didn't ask me what happened and let me explain. I'm sorry that you feel your tax dollars were wasted.

I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly. I'm sorry there was a call that due to my training meant I had to leave with no further comment other than, "I have to go."

I'm sorry plans were ruined, that wasn't my intention.

I'm sorry I can't just simply arrest the person you would like me to on the spot. I'm sorry that nothing happened in front of me, and you coming to me and saying "arrest them!" is not the way it works. I'm sorry you will not be able to laugh at them being walked away in handcuffs.

I am sorry there are rules I must follow to complete an investigation. I'm sorry that you don't understand that and you would like immediate gratification.

I'm sorry my direct supervisor isn't available for you to ask them if I'm right. I'm sorry your distant relative who was an officer elsewhere in the country tells you it could be done differently. I'm sorry my schedule isn't Monday-Friday days.

I'm sorry I don't make a ton of money a year without overtime. Someday I may get that schedule, maybe not, I try to take one day at a time and consider it "the present" and hope each day coming will be better or as good as the one before.

I'm sorry that some don't want to know or talk to me. I feel I was a nice person before being an officer and I don't think that's changed. I'm sorry some past friends prefer not to know me now, as they don't want to be arrested.

I'm sorry that I don't look to arrest people 23 hours a day unless I'm at work or it's an emergency.

I'm sorry I took a lunch break and ate out in public.

I'm sorry that it made you uncomfortable to sit in the same restaurant. I'm sorry you told your children I would arrest them if they didn't behave and now they are afraid of me. I'm sorry I stopped for a coffee.

I'll try to be on the go all the time.

I'm sorry I arrested someone you knew. I'm sorry that when you arrived and told me they had nothing to do with it, that I didn't believe you right away. I'm sorry that there were witnesses there that said something different.

I'm sorry that I pulled you over. You are probably right. You could not possibly have been doing anything wrong. I just needed to fill a quota. I will have my radar checked again to make sure its measuring speeds properly.

But what about all these apologies? In my heart I believe there are really none to be made. A career in law enforcement is one of the best and I will never apologize for taking it on.

I will never apologize for answering the radio, phone, pager and responding to someone needing help. It is an honor to have this career, and the reality is I have no apologies to make.

- Author Unknown