Election Information

Due to Redistricting there are changes in what districts you are in now and who you vote for.  The following has changed;  State Board of Education District # 6 has changed to All of Dickinson County is in District #7. 

House of Representatives:  Herington was in the 68th district and is now in the 70th district and everything North of Hwy 18 is now the 64th  district,  the rest of Dickinson County remains in 70th District. 

Previously, Dickinson County was in Kansas Senate districts 24 and 35, this has now changed to all of Dickinson County in  the 24th district.  Please call our office ( 785-263-3774) if you have any questions

 Polling Places 
Hayes Township Residents - Permanent voting location  Talmage Community/Senior Center 2971 Main St  Talmage, Ks 

Fragrant Hill and Sherman Township Residents- Permanent location  USD #473 District Office 822 N Marshall Chapman, KS 

                       To view your sample ballot click VOTER VIEW 

If you have any questions about your current voter registration status contact the County Election office at 785-263-3774.

Election Contacts:
Jeanne Livingston
Dickinson County Clerk