Dickinson County S.A.Id Program

What is S.A.Id?

The S.A.Id (Special Needs Alert and Identification) Program provides EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement responders with the resources to identify and assist individuals with special needs who find themselves in an emergency situation.

Dickinson County residents can complete the information form and a S.A.ID. alert will be created in our records management database.

The S.A.Id alert defines the individual's condition and/or needs to first responders prior to them arriving to an incident and will improve their response, interaction and communication with the individual.

Who should participate?

Individuals with a physical or mental impairment including those with an increased risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that require specialized assistance to best serve their needs and provide for increased safety for the individual and First Responders.

Use of Information

Enrollment in the S.A.Id Program will establish two alerts in our secure emergency communications database.

Personal Alert

This alert is tied to the name and date of birth of the individual. It will never expire.

Location Alert

This alert is tied to an address. It must be updated annually to remain active.

When a responder is dispatched to a call for service, the database will notify responders of any S.A.Id alerts attached to a person involved or the location of the incident. The S.A.Id alert is not a label but only an additional resource to allow the first responders to best respond to an incident.

The information in a S.A.Id alert is not public record.  Once the S.A.Id alert infomation is submitted it is transmitted to the Dickinson County Emergency Communications Center for entry into the secure records management database.  A copy of the form is also shared with OCCK who will follow up at 6 months and one year after the alert is entered to ensure that our records are as up to date as possible.


Email OCCK at DKCOSAId@occk.com or call them (785) 263-2208 EXT 3 and they will be happy to assist you.

Printable form can be found here Online form is below

Dickinson County Special Needs Alerts and Identification Participation (S.A.Id) Form


  1. 1. Identifying Information
  2. 2. Descriptive Information
  3. 3. Vehicle Information
  4. 4. Individual's Needs
  5. 5. Additional Needs
  6. 6. Additional Information
  7. 7. School and or Daycare Information
  8. 8. Emergency Contact
  9. 9. Photo
  10. 10. Additional Information
  11. 11. Submission
  • Identifying Information

    1. Please provide information on the individual who will have the S.A.Id. Alert
    2. Primary Residence Information