Text to 911

Starting December 19, 2017, citizens in Dickinson County will be able to text to 911.  Here are some important facts:

  • Your phone plan must have a data or text plan to be able to use this service
  • Text in simple words - no slang or abbreviations
  • Messages must be in English at this time, as translation for text is not currently available
  • You must provide your location and the nature of assistance you need - police, fire, or medical
  • You cannot send group messages to 911
  • No pictures, videos, emoticons, or emojis can be accepted at this time
  • Do not end your text call or power off your phone unless the dispatcher advises.  911 centers cannot initiate a text message
  • If text-to-911 has not been implemented in the jurisdiction in which you are located, you will receive a bounce-back message advising you to place a voice call

For more information on Text-to-911 in Kansas see the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council's site or watch this public service video.

911 call if you can