SLT Meeting Minutes January 9, 2013

SLT Meeting Minutes January 9, 2013


CHAIR: Jack Burwell MEETING DATE/TIME: January 9, 2013 ~ Noon

PERSONS ATTENDING: John Gough, Christie Carl, Tim Sanders, Ken Wood, Jack Burwell, Tom Meek, Teresa Wilson, Cindy Woofter, David Mills, Ann D'Alfonso, Randy Barten, Janet Meyer

DISCUSSIONS: David spoke briefly about the Streambank Stabilization Tour held in October on his property. There was lots of interest in his project from the 30+ participants attending. David shared that even though the project extended over several years for completion because of high water, in the end it was very beneficial and rewarding to see all that had been accomplished. The design for streambank stabilization has improved over the years so hopefully the shorter and closer together weirs will improve what impact water has on the streambanks. Ann reported that for 2013 no WRAPS or 319 funding will be available for streambank stabilization as it is just too expensive. The exception to this will be on the Cottonwood.

Janet outlined the BMPs of our present grant (2012-W004) that have been completed and payment made to the landowners. Her handout also included the BMPs that are pending completion. The SLT also approved two additional applications if there is still money available to implement. All of these projects are on target to be completed within our grant cycle.

Jack, John, Tim, Herb, Randy, and Janet all attended the WRAPS Annual Meeting in December. Ann was very complimentary of our SLT and the dedication that is shown to our watershed. There was much good discussion at the annual meeting as to ways we could maximize our dollars. As WRAPS funding has been reduced dramatically again, the Lower Lower Smoky Hill is facing a tough task ahead to even be funded. We are ranked 27th out of 36 watersheds on the WRAPS funding scale. Janet will be submitting a three year grant the end of January with a cap of $50,000 per year. We should know in mid-April if our watershed will receive funding.

The SLT discussed $5,000 in our present grant that was earmarked to K-State Watershed Specialist. Several options were discussed as to what we may do with the money. A Drought Management Workshop including the installation of a tire tank was considered. There was also discussion about using some of the money for additional BMPs providing KDHE would allow the movement of monies. Janet will talk with Ron Graber, our Watershed Specialist, as to options we may want to pursue. The SLT will make a final decision at a later date.

Randy announced the Kansas Grazers Association Winter Conference will be held in Salina on January 19th.

NEXT MEETING DATE: To be announced