Full CERT Information


The Dickinson County CERT program is designed to support and integrate into the disaster plans of the municipal, county, state and federal governments. The CERT program is designed to be a “partnership” between the county and local neighborhoods that will ultimately reduce the death, injury, and property loss of major disasters.


Community Emergency Response Team courses will be offered to the citizens of Dickinson County on a cost free basis as a cooperative effort between the County Emergency Management, EMS, Fire Rescue and Police Departments. Upon completing CERT training, members will be issued specialized safety equipment by Dickinson County. This equipment will remain the property of Dickinson County and is to be considered on “loan” to the CERT member. If a member leaves the area or terminates their involvement in CERT it shall be their responsibility to turn in all issued equipment clean and in good working order. CERT members shall not be held financially accountable for equipment that is worn or damaged as a result of the normal wear and tear of CERT activities.


No aspect of the CERT program will grant any citizen member of a CERT special authority to act as a law enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical technician. CERT members are encouraged, however, to use the level of their training and skills in disaster situations or whenever emergency service personnel are absent or unavailable.

CERT personnel may be authorized to enter into restricted areas during a disaster upon presenting their Dickinson County CERT identification card. Entry into such an area will be for official reasons and will be with the approval of Fire / Rescue, Law Enforcement, or the incident commander. A CERT identification card is not intended to be used as an automatic pass to enter into restricted zones if there are not requirements indicated for the services of the CERTs.

Neighborhood Involvement

Dickinson County Community Emergency Response Teams are being designed to be coordinated at the neighborhood level by a designated CERT Leader. This team leader should be selected by the members of the team and acts as the official liaison between the neighborhood CERT and Dickinson County Emergency Services. The point of contact may be Fire-Rescue, Sheriffs Office, or Emergency Management or other department as required at the time by the nature of the disaster / emergency. If a CERT does not exist in a neighborhood, CERT graduates wishing to maintain their involvement are encouraged to participate as part of the nearest established team until such time as a new team is formed in their immediate area. When a new CERT is eventually formed in their neighborhood, these graduates can provide crucial support and direction to its development.