SLT Meeting Minutes Aug. 8, 2012

SLT Meeting Minutes August 8, 2012


CHAIR: Jack Burwell MEETING DATE/TIME: August 8, 2012 ~ 7 p.m.

PERSONS ATTENDING: John Gough, Herb Graves, Tim Sanders, Ken Wood, Jack Burwell, Tom Meek, Bevin Law, Doug Lindahl, Sandra Ifland, Mark Schmidt, Teresa Wilson, Danny Carroll, LaVerne Myers, Angela Beavers, Stan Lewis, Betty Lewis, Jay Leusman, Ann D'Alfonso, Christie Carl, Randy Barten, Janet Meyer

DISCUSSIONS: The entire SLT meeting was spent on determining guide lines for the payout of our WRAPS money and reviewing our applications. There was much discussion concerning different rates in different counties for the same practice. The payout percent was also different per county ranging from 50% to 70%. After much discussion a motion was made to pay 50% cost share for every application regardless of the county involved. The motion was seconded and carried. The rate for each project though will be figured at their county rate. A motion was also made and seconded to cap each landowner's share at $2,500. Motion failed. After further discussion another motion was made to cap each landowner's share at $5,000. This motion passed.

The group also talked about having another application period at the end of this calendar year to evaluate any remaining funds. We will assess where we stand at that time with regard to money left and review any additional applications we have received.

NEXT MEETING DATE: To be announced