City Services

Solomon City Government
Local government consists of an elected Mayor and Council.
Meetings are the 1st Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the back room of City Hall. They are open to the public and citizen participation is encouraged.

If you have an issue to discuss, please contact the City Clerk to be placed on the meeting agenda.

Solomon's governing body consists of the following. The year their term expires follows their name.
  • R Hunter McMillen, Mayor (Jan 2024)
  • Billy Hemmy, Councilmember (Jan 2024)
  • Ann Bush, Councilmember (Jan 2024)
  • Brian Duryea, Councilmember (Jan 2026)
  • Shawn Kirby, Councilmember (Jan 2026)
  • Colten Kohman, Councilmember (Jan 2026)