New/Modified WW System Requirements


  • A permit from Environmental Services is required
  • Installation Must be by a county approved installer
  • Soil Profile by the Dickinson County Sanitarian
  • Clean-out at the house and every 100 feet
  • Schedule 40 pipe to tank and first 10 feet out of tank
  • Tank to grade with riser if needed
  • Length of lateral lines shall not exceed 100 feet
  • Inspection ports at the end of the laterals
  • Sand springs area needs nitrogen reduction units
  • Fiber covering chambers in sandy soil (Sands Springs Recharge Area)
  • Chambers should be placed as shallow as possible with at least 6 inches of cover
  • Septic tank/laterals - 100 feet from a well
  • Septic tank/laterals - 50 feet from surface watercourse
  • Septic tank/laterals - 10 feet from house and property line
  • Lagoon - 100 feet from house and property line