Joining of 2 Separate Agencies

Prior to 1999, EMS service in Dickinson County was comprised of two separate agencies, these were Abilene EMS and SE Dickinson County EMS. Abilene EMS was a Memorial Health Systems affiliate, based out of Memorial Hospital in Abilene. Abilene EMS covered the City of Abilene and surrounding area. SE Dickinson County EMS was based out of Herington Municipal Hospital and serviced the City of Herington and surrounding area. Then in 1999, these two services combined under Memorial Health Systems administration to form Dickinson County EMS, which would be funded by the county and redesigned to service Dickinson County in its entirety. The old quarters for Abilene EMS and SE Dickinson County EMS became DKEMS Station 1 and DKEMS Station 2 respectively. Employees from the formerly separate departments were combined and eventually began to rotate between stations.

New Facilities

In 2004, Station Number 2 EMS received a new facility in Herington with dedicated bedrooms and improved training space along with larger bays, and space for the Dickinson County Health Department.

In 2008, Dickinson County EMS moved away from Memorial Health Systems affiliation and became administrated by Dickinson County. The "on call" requirement for employees was eliminated and new employees were hired in order to staff 3 dedicated crews 24 hours a day.

In 2009, a new facility for Station Number 1 EMS opened across Brady from Memorial Hospital. The new station was built as an addition to the pre-existing Dickinson County Health Department facility and featured improved quarters for EMS crews, and enough bed rooms to house 4 dedicated EMS workers 24 hours a day.

Dickinson County EMS continues to change to meet new challenges in providing quality EMS care to the citizens of Dickinson County.