Scholarship Application

Scholarships are limited to students who intend to major in Journalism, Political Science, Business or Communications; are a high school senior with a 3.0 GPA or a freshman or sophomore in college who will complete a minimum of 12 credit hrs in college with a 3.0 GPA. For application forms please view the following forms:

Instructions for KCCEOA Scholarship

Instructions for KCCEOA Scholarship Application:

Please complete all pages of the application and your essay with the form. The scholarship is available to applicants who will be attending any Kansas College or University.

It is also important that all pages be emailed to the Kingman County Clerk, Carol d. Noblit: noblitc@kingmancoks.org.

PLEASE NOTE: Pertaining to the letters of reference– when the applications are emailed without the letters of reference included in the packet – some notice should be included that the letters of reference will be coming at a later date.

All applications are due on/or before March 31, 2023 electronically or postmarked by March 31, 2023 if mailed,  if you drop your application off at the Office of your local County Clerk/Election Officials 109 E 1st Street. by the due date, it will be forwarded on to the Scholarship Chairperson. If any or all parts of your application will be mailed, please mail directly to the  Kingman County Clerk at 130 N Spruce St, Kingman, KS 67068.

The $500 Scholarship Winners will be announced at the KCCEOA May meeting and the funds are sent to the Applicant’s College for the Fall Semester of the current year, after a copy of the College Class Notification is mailed to the KCCEOA Treasurer.

The Local County Clerk/Election Official will contact the winner for this County. This notification should happen by May 15th each year.


Thank You for Your Application

Additional Information

For questions, you may call Chair, Carol D. Noblit @ 620-532-2521 or email noblitc@kingmancoks.org