Controlled Burns

Burning Safely

If you are planning to conduct a controlled burn-off of a field or to burn limbs or other debris, be aware that Dickinson County has rules that must be followed:
  1. Before lighting any fire, you must contact the Dickinson County Emergency Communications Center at 785-263-4041 or toll free at 888-800-0417 to provide: the name, address and phone number of the person responsible for the burn; the exact location of the intended burn; the type of material being burned and the time the fire will be lit.
  2. The person responsible for the fire must stay with it until it's out
  3. No burning can be within 150 feet of any structure or vehicle.
  4. Winds must be under 15 miles an hour for any burn
  5. You cannot start a fire after sunset or before sunrise, unless it is an agricultural or crop rotation burn

The penalty for violating these rules can be severe, so please follow them closely. Please read the Dickinson County Burn Resolution for more information.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment also has regulations governing controlled burns that are available on the web.