Advance Voting

Early Vote

In Dickinson County, Early Voting will begin 20 days prior to an Election Day. Anyone may vote in advance - you do not need an excuse to vote early.

Advanced Voting by Mail

To vote by mail you must complete an Application for an Advance Voting Ballot (PDF) and mail or fax it to the Election Office at (fax number)-(785) 263-2045. Applications can be emailed  if they are filled out and scanned back in with your signature to County Clerk, at  A separate application must be submitted for each election, or if you are sick and / or disabled you can fill out an Application for Permanent Advance Voting Status (PDF).

Your completed application must be received at the Election Office before 1:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the election. Submit your application early to avoid delays!

Ballots will be mailed beginning 20 days before the election. 

If returning in person:  ballot must be returned by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day to any polling place within the County or the County Election Office. 

If returning by mail: ballot must be postmarked by Election Day and received by the Friday after the election to be eligible to be counted. 

Ballots may not be faxed.